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Overview: Miracle Miles is a workout program that combines indoor walking with toning using the Miracle Miles fitness band. There are 5 DVDs, plus a bonus DVD (3 Fast & Fun Miles).

Equipment needed: Miracle Miles Fitness band or similar band

DVDs included:

DVD 1: 1-Mile Walk, Upper Body Strength Training, Lower Body Strength Training, and Full Body Strength Training
DVD 2: Belly Slimming 2-Mile Walk
DVD 3: 3-Mile Walk (Mile 1: Belly Slimming; Mile 2: Thigh Slimming; Mile 3: Fast Walking)
DVD 4: 4-Mile Walk (Mile 1: Fast Walking; Mile 2: Belly Slimming; Mile 3: Thigh Slimming; Mile 4: Arm Sculpting)
DVD 5: 5-Mile Walk (Mile 1: The Walk Concert; Mile 2: Belly Slimming; Mile 3: Thigh Slimming; Mile 4: Arm Sculpting; Mile 5: Fast Walking
Bonus DVD: 3 Fast & Fun Miles (Mile 1: Get Started Mile; Mile 2: Fast & Sweaty Mile; Mile 3: Super Fast Mile)

Other materials included: 7-Day Quick Start Walk & Meal Plan booklet and workout calendar

Workout structure:

The miles in this system run around 15 minutes each, as opposed to the 12-minute miles in most of Leslie’s previous DVDs. Moves include the 4 basic Leslie moves (march, knee lifts, side steps, and kicks), plus tap outs, kickbacks, etc. Each mile focuses on cardio first, with the last few minutes devoted to toning with the fitness band. The bonus DVD is cardio only, with each mile again approximately 15 minutes in length. The 3 strength training workouts on DVD 1 focus on toning only.

My impressions:

The Miracle Miles system is a nice addition to Leslie’s vast offerings of indoor walking DVDs, as it offers both cardio and toning in a variety of workout lengths. I thought at first the 15-minute length of each mile would be too long, but having the toning segments at the end seemed to make each mile go by fairly quickly. The toning segments themselves are pretty basic and easy to follow; they definitely won’t turn you into a bodybuilder, but will serve to provide some strengthening to beginners and the deconditioned.

The Miracle Miles fitness band itself is a looped band made out of a rubbery, non-latex material, and has 7 loops in it – you change the resistance level by grabbing onto loops closer to the center. It seems sturdy enough for the exercises used on the DVDs, although a couple of Amazon reviewers reported that it broke on them. If you’re very strong, it also may not provide enough resistance, which was another complaint of Amazon reviewers.

If you want to focus on toning only, there are 3 bonus workouts on DVD 1 that focus on upper body, lower body, and total body strength training. Each one is pretty short, so it might be advisable to combine them if you want a decent workout, or you could tack them onto the end of one of the walking workouts for some additional toning.

The bonus DVD features the 3 Fast & Fun Miles cardio-only workout; each mile is a little over 15 minutes, with Mile 2 a little bit faster than Mile 1, and Mile 3 slightly faster than Mile 2. It’s a good workout to have in your arsenal on those cardio-only days where you don’t want to deal with intricate footwork and choreography. Even though this DVD doesn’t have the toning segments to break things up, each mile went by fairly quickly.

Summary: Overall the Miracle Miles system is a good set aimed at beginner- to intermediate-level exercisers who want both cardio and toning. The segments with the fitness band won’t build big muscles or make you insanely strong, but they do add some variety to the miles as well as some light toning. If you’re a Leslie fan, you’ll want to add this to your collection!

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