Review: Cathe Friedrich – Perfect Pump

Cathe’s Perfect Pump DVD features time-efficient upper body and lower body workouts designed to get you lifting heavy so you can get strong. There are also plenty of premixes to choose from, as well as upper body, lower body and core bonuses.

Review: Jessica Smith – Get Strong!

Get Strong! features two workouts – Strictly Strength and Stepping Strength – that improve muscular strength and endurance and are both floorwork-free. Strictly Strength is a full-body, straightforward weight-training workout aimed at developing strength, stamina and muscle, while Stepping Strength combines endurance-focused strength training with short cardio intervals.

Review: Leslie Sansone – Miracle Miles

Miracle Miles is a workout program that combines indoor walking with toning using the Miracle Miles fitness band. There are 5 DVDs, plus a bonus DVD (3 Fast & Fun Miles).

Review: Jessica Smith – 4 Mile Power Walk

4 Mile Power Walk is a walking and low-impact aerobics workout that promises to burn fat, boost cardiovascular fitness, and improve coordination and agility. It includes a warm-up, four 15-minute miles, and a cool-down.

Review: Body by Yoga – Yoga Edge

Yoga Edge is a yoga program aimed at athletes and designed to help performance and aid in recovery. It includes two practices (Excel and Restore), a matrix of sports-specific practices, and a link to online bonus content.

Review: Jillian Michaels – Lift and Shred

Lift and Shred is a weight lifting program consisting of two workouts, each just over 30 minutes in length. Level 1 is aimed at beginners to intermediate-level exercisers, while Level 2 is more for intermediate- to advanced-level exercisers. Both are full-body workouts.

5 Reasons to Exercise at Home

While belonging to a gym can offer plenty of benefits, there are lots of great reasons to exercise at home instead. Here are just a few.

Home Gym Essentials

What are the home gym essentials you need that will help you be prepared for a variety of workouts and workout types? Fortunately, there are really only a few pieces of fitness equipment that I feel every home gym needs.